10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Our Plots of Land!

In August 2022, the average interest rate on bank deposits was below 3%. Even Treasury Bill and other financial investments were no different. But guess what, someone bought land from us at a promo price of 5 million naira. By the time we had finished the perimeter fencing of the estate, fixed the drainage, installed solar lights and CCTV and some subscribers had started construction work on their plots, he sold the land for 7Million. He made a huge 2 million in just two months because of one smart decision. That is a jaw-breaking 40% ROI (Return on investment). And you know what, this dude never spent a dime on the land! That is what I call smart thinking or smart investment.

Our 500sqm plots house a 6-bedroom Fully detached duplex

If he had kept that money in the Bank within those two months, he would have made just N150, 000 interest (just 7.5%) of the profit he made. This is the mistake many people with residual money or fallow money are making in Abuja. Why earn a mere 7.5% profit when you can earn as much as 100%? Why tie down your money in a bank, subjecting it to inflation rise and depreciation, when you can put that amount in real estate, go to bed with your two eyes closed, and still make a good profit?

Instead of working the unnecessary hassles of saving in the bank on investing in the uncertainties of financial markets or Ponzi, your investment is secured in real estate with ROI guaranteed. You can save yourself the headaches by investing in our land properties and going to sleep.  Let us at Greenpasture Homes worry about adding value to it. Whenever you wake from sleep, come back, resell, or develop the land, make your money, and walk away a happy dude!

400sqm plots of land

What am I saying? Real estate investment is the new deal with cool cash. Investing in landed properties or houses is the best way to get a good return on investment in Abuja presently. The best and the surest way to invest your money is in real estate.

Why do I come to that conclusion? Real estate properties are strong and stable investments that have lasted for centuries. You can move from poverty to wealth or financial stability within a considerable period. This is because real estate increases in value with time and the ROI is better than other investments like stocks, bonds, and insurance.

In this blog post, I have outlined 10 reasons why you should invest in real estate by buying land properties or houses, especially from us at Greenpasture homes. This is possibly one of the best investment ideas or advice you’ve ever had, and I want you to take it seriously. Don’t just overlook it, because in 2 years to come when you look back, your inaction will be like a treasure thrown into the sea. But if you heed my counsel and commit to investing, you will look for me, and thank me with a big smile on your face.

Your property is within notable Government investments

The location of our estate is just at the back of the Federal integrated staff Housing programme (FISH-P) project at Apo. It is like 2km from Guzape 2 where similar plots are sold for about 100M nairas. The location is near BSTAN Hilltop Estate and Shelter Gold homes with lots of subscribers already building and living in the area. The road networks are already laid out and that solves the problem of accessibility by road.

Proximity to town

The Apo area is like 15 minutes from town, and one of the Phase 1 development sites in the FCT. It’s no news that the dualization of the Apo – Area 1 road that links at the Apo roundabout is presently going on. When it is completed, traffic will ease off and many people will move to that area making real estate value appreciate. Maybe the price we are selling now will go to 200% by that time. It means now is the right time to invest.

On-going construction at the site
Well secured environment

At Greenpasture Homes, security considerations come first.  We place a huge premium on the security of lives and properties. Apart from the fact that the area is peaceful, we have CCTV coverage to track real-time events at the sites. All our sites have the presence of onsite security guards and perimeter fencing to curb unnecessary encroachment.

Well-laid-out site plan, infrastructure, and future

Need to say to all our intending subscribers that the infrastructure on site is unbeatable. From well laid-out approved site plan with drainages, Intra estate road network, a shopping mall, a general car park, schools, green areas, modern housing designs for the Fully detached duplex and Terrace duplexes, etc, we have taken luxury to an enviable height. It is just the right place for investment.

Registered and verifiable land at AGIS

For the avoidance of doubt, our properties are verifiable at AGIS (Abuja Geographical Information System). We go the whole length of verification with you to ensure what you have on paper is what you get on the land.

Plots of land at Greenpasture Homes
No ‘Omonile’ hassles

You can rest assured that all entitlements to the indigenous people and ‘Omoniles’ have been settled before you come. We did that because we don’t want you to face those challenges. Once you pay, we do your documentation and allocation. You own the property, and no one dares harass you

No hidden charges

You do not pay a dime for site inspection. Once you are ready, we will take you to our site at a time convenient for you. You are at liberty to choose any of the marked-out plots.  We do not charge any other extra fees or any hidden registration or administration fee. As a policy, we do not ‘markup’ our prices. 

Good payment plan

Whether you are making payments for the 400sqm or the 500sqm plots, we’ve got you covered. We have a plan that satisfies your convenience. The plans are easy and before you know it, you have covered your payments.

Well demarcated plots of land
You don’t need special knowledge to invest

You don’t need to be a university don or able to read the market like a pro to buy properties or invest with us. Just knowing a few things to consider before buying land is enough. Anyone can invest in real estate. All you need is to key into the right information and opportunity like I am offering you now. Information is power and taking the right action on the opportunities and information that comes your way on time is the best way to make money!

The value of your property appreciates

Naturally, the value of the land property appreciates over time. But in Greenpasture Homes, we deliberately add value to our properties all the time at no cost to you. As we do so, the commercial value of your plot increases. You can also deliberately add value to your property by building it up. We don’t just leave the estate land the way our subscribers get it. We add amazing value to it in terms of infrastructure. Once we do, the price jumps up.

As a final word, there is no better moment than now to invest. We are presently selling 400sqm plots that house a massive 5-Bedroom Terrace Duplex and 500sqm plots that contain a 6-Bedroom fully detached Duplex for as low as 7M Naira and 10M Naira, respectively. These prices are the fairest deals in the area as they are doubled or tripled at nearby estates. 

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